This is the place wher people can meet and show there horse's off and chat about them
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 Horse Lover's World Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Horse Lover's World Forum Rules   Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:06 pm

Note: Avatar image sizes are currently limited to 200 x 200 pixels and signature image sizes are limited to 468 x 60.

The Rules:

1- Please thoroughly read the rules before posting.
All posters must make themselves familiar with the forum rules so they can have a better understanding of the board.

2- No cursing, profanity, swearing, or comments said with the intent of hurting another user.
This includes, but is not limited to racial slurs and comments about another users religion or country. You may not flame another user because of their beliefs, training methods, or anything else. Furthermore, if you have an issue with another user do not bring it to the public forums. Settle your dispute in private or contact a Moderator.

3- This forum is PG Rated, and all threads should follow the forum's rating. No adult themes.
The exception to this rule being conversation over private horse matters such as sheath cleaning and breeding. Any topics about this must remain clean and mature.

4- Please do not use excessive Net-Speak.
Please spell out your words. For example: Say "Your" instead of "ur", and say "to" instead of "2" etc. Keep in mind, that not all members of this forum speak English as a first language, it is already hard enough for them to translate our slang terms but the net-speak makes it a lot harder for them, since there is no way to translate it. Furthermore, do not type in all caps, or in alternating caps, or use excessive exclamation points or question marks. (Example. DONT TYPE LIKE THIS oR LiKe ThIs!!!!!111!!!!!????///)

5- Please title your threads properly.
When posting a thread in which you need help, don't title the thread "Help". Title the thread something more appropriate that pertains to what you need help with. This way you are more likely to get a response, and other users that have the same question or problem may not repost the topic since there was already a discussion on it.

6- No flooding or spamming the forums or the threads.
Do not post repetitive topics in one forum or post multiple times back to back. If you need to edit your post to add something you forgot, there is an Edit button you may use.

7- Respect your fellow members.
Please respect all members and their beliefs. Sometimes people think it is ok to criticize someone based on their training methods or riding style. This boils down to "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". If someone posts about jumping 3 feet for the first time, and you don't like jumping, then ignore the post. On the other hand, if someone posts a thread saying that their training method is the best, you -do- have the right to respectfully disagree with them in a kind, non attacking way.

8- Please do not post pictures to be critiqued of anyone other then yourself.
If a member chooses to post a picture to be critiqued, the member is required to only post pictures of themselves and of no other person. Forum members can however, post pictures of other horses. This rule only applies in the critique section. Members are free to post appropriate pictures as they please when necessary in any other section.

9- If you want to promote a website you must link to the Horse Forum at from the site you are promoting.
This forum was made primarily to bring horse enthusiasts together to discuss and share our horses, and have a safe place to ask questions. We have learned from experience that allowing people who wish to promote and advertise here free reign quickly detracts from the nature of the community. Therefore, the Horse Forum reserves the right to exercise its discretion to prohibit or allow advertising and website promotion. A lot of work goes into growing and maintaining the Horse Forum, so we require that people looking to promote websites link to the Horse Forum from the sites they promote. This way, sites receiving the benefit of the effort that goes into the Horse Forum community give something back. For the same reason, links to other horse forums are not allowed.

10- Do not ask for donations or hand outs.
If you need money offer something in return such as Artwork, Tack, or other various items for sale. Do not ask for free money. Posts asking for help in coming up with ideas to make quick money are permitted.

11- Posts cannot be removed.
Removing your posts would ruin the threads they are a part of. For that reason, once you post, your posts become a part of the Horse Forum and will not be removed.

12- The Horse Forum is not for make believe.
While we're fond of daydreaming, and the discussion of possibilities, the horse forum is not a place for making things up and passing them off as the truth. If it becomes evident that a member has been making things up, and a determination is made that other members' time and energy has been wasted as a result, that member's access may be restricted. Similarly, if there is reason to believe that two members are the same person, one or both members may have their access restricted. That said, members are more than welcome to play games or engage in appropriate role playing in the Games forum when making the character of their posts explicit.

Failure to follow the rules can result in a temporary, or permanent banning.

It is up to the Moderators and Administrators judgment to protect the forums and uphold these rules. If you feel you have been wronged, send a Private Message to the Moderator that you believed to have wronged you and state in a mature manner why you believe you have been wronged. They also have the right to edit your post to take out an offensive statement, or delete your post/thread if they feel you have broken the rules.


Neither the Horse Forum, its moderators, nor its administrators are responsible for the accuracy of any information or advice posted here or any direct or indirect consequences for any action or inaction taken in reliance thereon.

Members' posts are their own, and neither the Horse Forum, its moderators, nor its administrators are responsible for any copyright infringement therein. Additionally, the United States' Fair Use doctrine allows for the limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders, such as for commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching or scholarship.

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Horse Lover's World Forum Rules
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